The End of the KPI-Illusion

Most of our knowledge in management, marketing and sales was gained by interpreting spurious correlations – mostly correlations between KPI’s. No surprise that even great managers too often make ineffective decisions. It is a proven fact, that today most product launches fail or most commercials are rather ineffective. Frank Bucklers illuminating book does away with the KPI-Illusion. He not just dissect how conclusions are really drawn today, but gives clear guidance on how and why managers can gain viable knowledge from data.



No.1 – Amazon-Bestseller

(on 21.7.14 Category: eBooks > Factual > economy > Business economics > Management)



„Causal analysis has never been so entertaining“

Hermann SIMON, Global Bestselling Author, Chairman of Simon-Kucher & Partners

„A groundbreaking milestone in success drivers research”

Thorsten HENNIG-THURAU, Top 3% management scholar, University of Muenster

„An inspiring plea for an elucidated use of data and facts.”” ,

Niels PFLÄGING, Winner of “Management book of the year 2006”, Keynote Speaker

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