Double Feedback in Open-Ends

With This Survey Plug-In

Gain More Feedback and Better Insights.

Real-time Coding of Verbatims Included.


More feedback, better insights, coded verbatims included.


Everyone knows this. Respondents don’t write much in open-ends. And if they do, it can be sometimes very ambiguous. So, we often don’t know what they actually mean.

How We Double Customer Feedback

Probe.AI senses every topic a respondent raises in real-time. It then uses probing responses that are optimized to best spark elaboration.

It’s success secret is its honesty. It asks the respondent for assurance. Reading how the bot rephrases respondents points, urges them to elaborate further.

Still, Probe.AI does even more. It also verbalizes when it is unsure what has been said and shows interest in learning more.

Get Automatic Coding of Open-Ends Better Than Manual Coding

Respondents give us feedback about how well we understood their issues. This trains the AI and makes it better – better than any manual coding can ever be. Who knows better, what he wants to say, than the customer itself.

Probe.AI delivers a ready to use categorization of unstructured customer feedback, in a so-far unseen quality. All this is enabled by our deep learning text categorization platform – to us – worlds leading text analytics platform.

Implement with Ease into Every Survey

The best is that Probe.AI can be implemented in your existing CX survey or Brand Tracker tomorrow. It is a JavaScript plugin that can run on all relevant survey platforms like CONFIRMIT, DECIPHER, DIMENSIONS, Qualtrics, Medallia, SurveyGizmo, SurveyMonkey and many more.

To Triple Volume is Not Enough

It seems obvious. More feedback is better. Right? Not at all, if customers are just rephrasing the same basic argument with lengthy descriptions.

There is a way to validate whether the added feedback is truly a piece of new information. Only if the information can be used to explain and predict outcomes (Satisfaction, Loyalty, etc.), it’s unique and fresh information. This is what we do.

We Gain +55% More Unique Insights

In contrast to many active-listening tools, Probe.AI has proven to deliver unique and new information. We measure, on average, 55% more explanation power – ranging per domain from +25% to +75%.

Uncovers Deeper Causal Structures of Success

Probe.AI delivers the data to dive deep into why your customers buy, stay, or leave. The sequence of topics raised gives us more in-depth information on the interconnections of themes. This information will be leverage with our service CX.AI by utilizing our proprietary causal machine learning platform.


Nutshell: More feedback, better insights, coded verbatims included.


Experience the secret power of the active listening approach: A sincerely honest approach powered by super-smart augmented artificial intelligence.
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